Pilot Weekends

Welcome to Pilot Weekends!

We are compiling a Directory of places to fly for a weekend (or longer). Maybe it’s a romantic Bed & Breakfast, or an out-of-the-way Golf course you can take your buddies to, or a place to take the family for horseback riding or just nature walks.


We will compile all these Places of Interest (POI) that pilots like you submit, into an organized .PDF file that you are then free to download and share. Yes, it’s all free. But it only works if you and your friends take 2 minutes to fill in the “name, location, description, etc.” to contribute your favorite spots to our Directory!


When complete, each POI will look something like this   --------->poi 02


Fill in as much –or as little- as you know about your place. But we at least need a web address to fill in the ‘Full Description’ and other things if you don’t have time to.  Or if you know the folks who run the resort, golf course, restaurant or wine bar, just have them come here and fill in the basics – they’ll be thrilled to get free advertising space and tell new customers about themselves.


Private Pilots are some of the luckiest people in the world. Since the dawn of Creation, humans have turned to the skies and dreamed of flying over the treetops at the speed of eagles to faraway places.


Now, we can. But only if we have places worth flying to. Let's all work together and not only make that dream a reality, but foster the spirit of support and camaraderie in the GA community to build a better, stronger, and more robust GA community. And along the way, patronizing those places that we fly to and demonstrating the vitality and importance of the GA community to our economy and our country.


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